What is the problem?

For the longest time, restaurants and resorts have had to deal with the problems related to having to dispose food waste properly, ending up with more unnecessary work as rotting food attracts pests and insects, which have to be dealt with from hiring pest control, and extra hours of workers cleaning up, costing the restaurant extra hours and money just to handle this issue.

With our food waste solution, you don’t have to deal with any of those problems anymore, as the food waste goes from the kitchen into a transformer, which then gets pumped into a sealed container outside of the building and picked up by a tank truck saving you thousands of dollars, as you no longer have to deal with the problems mentioned above. And yes! It is that simple!


  • – 97.4 % of food waste ends up in landfills
  • – Rotten food accounts for 34% of all methane emissions
  • – Methane is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2
  • – Landfills are the second largest human source of methane emissions, accounting for 23% of all methane sources

What is the Solution?

The first part is to get into the program, where you get a Transformer installed into your restaurant. Your kitchen employees dump any and all food waste into it, close the lid, and press a button for the transformer to turn all that food waste into a sludge in less than a minute, and sends it to a sealed container installed outside of the building, saving you your team the hassle of having to deal with rotting food, and saving you from the costs associated with that.

Once the food waste gets picked up by the tank truck, we are able to recover the methane gas, therefore preventing it from going into the atmosphere as it is a leading cause of planetary warming, and preventing food waste from going into the landfills.

The second part of this solution is implementation of indoor aeroponic farms, that use recycled energy from the foodwaste and recovered rain water and no soil or chemicals in order to grow natural greens that can be harvested multiple times through out the year. This fully controlled system allows us to grow greens vertically which means using a fraction of space needed to create high volume of green vegtables. Also it enables us to grow different kinds of greens from any where around the world or any season. It is important to mention that the greens are also highly flavour full. This is a big win for restaurants as they can use the greens harvested the same day to be used in their menu as there is no long transportation time required. (avoids much more CO2 from entering the atmosphere)

Benefits of Food Waste 2 Energy in Restaurants and Resorts

This creative solution is like no other, getting you away from the problems associated with having to deal with food waste, so you and your team can focus on what is important!


► No more pests arising from food waste
► No more smells from rotten food
► No more insects gathering by the dumpsters from food waste
► No more methane gas into the air from decomposing food
► No more dumping food waste going into landfills creating contamination
► Cleaner kitchen areas
► Happier kitchen and cleaning employees
► Saved working hours from multiple employees
► Save money from hiring professionals to handle pests and insects


► Farm to table greens
► Variaty of fresh greens all year
► Tastier greens
► No chemicals used
► Fraction of impact on the environment than traditional farming and transportation
► Fully controlled

Act Now!

You should act now because the planet needs it and it can make your job easier not having to deal with the negative side effects of foodwaste in your bussiness. Also it will be a great opportunity to use this initiative to market to your customers.

Contact us today for more information on how to implement this program in your restaurant or resort.


Dr. Thomas Henry Culhane

Luc Deschamps – CEO & Founder


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