What is the problem?

Waste food is a growing problem in our modern society and an untapped opportunity. Currently, our Society is not educated on the magnitude of the problems caused from organic waste (specifically food waste) and the solutions existing are not working fast enough to slow down global warming.

We all create food waste that ends up in landfills, creating enormous amounts of methane gas which accelerates the greenhouse effect, warming up the planet.

As the population rises so does food waste, it is evident that the clock is ticking – glaciers melting, sea levels rising, more frequent heatwaves, stronger hurricanes and tornadoes taking lives, wildfires often seen in the news, and droughts are becoming real, landslides and other disasters are creating devastating scenes.


  • – 97.4 % of food waste ends up in landfills
  • – Rotten food accounts for 34% of all methane emissions
  • – Methane is 20 times more damaging to the environment than CO2
  • – Landfills are the second largest human source of methane emissions, accounting for 23% of all methane sources

What is the Solution?

With the technology we have, we can convert 100% of food waste to bioenergy we can use. This means no more food waste on the landfills, and no more gases emitted to the atmosphere from food waste that accelerates global warming.

Benefits of Food Waste 2 Energy

This movement will help empower youth to feel in charge and able to work towards saving the planet.

Which will ultimately result in:

  • No more dumping food waste on landfills
  • No more smelly rotten food
  • No more pests arising from food waste
  • Educating kids to take charge
  • Producing clean energy
  • Turn food waste into organic fertilizer

Initial Mission

Educate students on the effects of food waste and its contribution to global warming

Provide them with the solution and make them act now by bringing their food waste to proper containers at schools

Update them on the impact their contributions are making in creating clean energy


Supporting Leaders

Gregory Hamra, LEED AP


Dr. Thomas Henry Culhane

Luc Deschamps – CEO & Founder


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